Production and Quality

Interesting facts about the production and quality of JOE N JOYCE models


From the very beginning it was important to us to find excellent production facilities and the best materials to manufacture our shoes.

It was particularly important that the combination of materials and production was a perfect match, because not every shoe manufacturer can process every material perfectly.

The specialists for cork footbed models are mainly found in the region around Alicante, Spain. There, small, fine shoe manufacturers have specialised in the manufacture of cork footbed sandals and clogs by hand for many decades. But even among these, we had to search for a long time until we found the two manufacturers whose attitude towards quality and fashionable design was so distinctive that they were an option for us.

The shoemakers' many years of experience in production make every pair of JOE N JOYCE shoes a high-quality unique piece. Our shoes are not mass produced. They are made exclusively by hand using the necessary machines for the production of the soles, the upper material and the seams. 

The materials used are carefully selected and undergo extensive quality controls before they enter the production process. This guarantees the longevity and, above all, health safety of all our products.

Natural cork, genuine suede for the inner sole, naturally tanned leather for the upper materials, nickel-free metal parts, as well as the partially used skin-friendly, synthetic materials are exclusively manufactured in Europe and even exceed the requirements of the EU consumer protection laws.

With the Spring/Summer 2018 collection, however, high-tech materials have also found their way into our company. They are used especially for the insoles, consist of microfibres and have excellent wearing properties.


Think global but work local - that is our motto when it comes to production.


This has now led us to other countries for the first time, because our efforts to improve ourselves and offer you an ever wider range of products can no longer be accompanied by material suppliers and producers in Spain alone.

So for the first time comfort sandals made of PU combined with an EVA sole are part of the collection. The great thing about these models is the super soft memory foam inlet in the insole in combination with a suede leather cover sole and real leather uppers. These models are made in India and as with all of our models, a lot of manual work is required. It was particularly important to us that the company not only delivers the quality we require, but also complies with our European specifications regarding employee protection and social obligations. This has been confirmed by the BSI certification certificate No. SA 650687.

And we are already on the verge of the next big step - the expansion of the collection to include genuine winter models. Made of pure wool, the uppers are 100% handmade in a unique process on the last in one piece and then combined with our comfort footbed.

As this process is exceptional and the entire development and production process is something very special, we will dedicate a separate chapter to these models as soon as we officially present them in the next Autumn/Winter collection.